Mi Casa guest house award

Mi Casa Guest House Banyuwangi, Licin

Mi Casa guest house



Mi Casa is an island of greenery on a sea of rice fields. From the property, you are directly in a maze of rice fields on the lower flanks of Kawah Ijen. It is a comfortable path of 3.7 km to access a magnificent forest of tropical pine higher up, crossing a picturesque traditional village. If the song of the breeze in the forest enchants you, you can continue your trek through this forest and taste the freshness of the mountain.


Another option: to cross our river by the small bridge and to descend along its bank strolling in the shade of this small forest gallery, then to return by the fields of rice of the surrounding hills. If you are lucky, you will meet the old man who goes from tree to tree with incredible agility, to collect the palm sugar which he then packs in his hut, after a stay on the fire in a huge pot of cast iron. Then he pours the food into bamboo containers and sells it in the village.


After a few kilometers by car on our beautiful little road, crossing rice fields, traditional villages, and splendid panorama made of ridges, slopes and valleys, and reach one of our waterfalls only requiring 20 to 30 mn of walk.


It would be a shame to leave the region without visiting the Kalibendo plantation. Beautiful set of 800 ha, the farm produces coffee (Arabica, Robusta, Luak etc) and latex, and many fruits such as maracuja, dragon fruit, citrus of all kinds. This farm dates back to 1911 and you can watch the harvest and treatment of the crops as they were a century ago. Nothing has changed since. It is also possible to taste and buy the products of the farm at reasonable prices, with a certified origin.