Mi Casa guest house award

Mi Casa Guest House Banyuwangi, Licin

Mi Casa guest house


We will organize the night trekking for you:
We provide the car and the driver (Okman), the english speaking guide (Serli), necessary gas mask and flash lights, and your little arabica coffee before trekking.
We recommend a time departure not later than 01:00 AM (00:30 is the best). You will get a hot coffee prior departure.
At the parking, you get your tickets (100 krp week days and 150 krp weekends and hollydays). The ascension is 1h30 to 2h00.
Once at the top our guide will carefully help you to get down to the blue flames inside the crater. You will experience the unique activity inside where minors are extracting the sulfur directly from the heart of the volcano. Serly will guide you back to the top just in time for amazing sunshine panorama. At your convenience, you will return to the parking where the car and driver are awaiting. Back home in Mi Casa, a gorgeous breakfast will welcome you.
We can provide gas masks and flash lights.